Monday, 10 March 2014

Toronto Canada FU10 contest

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary the Toronto Bike Show once again hosts the FU International BMX Flatland contest straight out of the very frigid frozen tundra that is Toronto Canada. I flew into Buffalo, which is actually somehow magically colder than Toronto, where I met up with the homie Alex Jumelin. We then proceeded to leap hurdle after hurdle in efforts to attend the first contest of the year, and man it would not be easy. (lost my DL couldn't rent car, its incredibly cold outside, debit card doesn't work for some rentals, its really, really cold outside, rental car sold out, COLD AS FUCK, credit card companies hate you, everyone hates you, cold weather hates you)

However we were strong like Golden Eagles and persisted by way of a lumbering 4 hour greyhound bus ride (to go 100miles/160km) with a 40 dollar cab ride to really finish like travel professionals haha. Despite the painfully cold temperatures the contest is a lot of fun! Its obviously held inside a massive arena with a huge crowd of spectators and a great groups of guys running the event. Its so awesome to catch up with guys like OSD, Jamie, Brandon, PERCY!!! haha and so many others! The greatest thing about BMX is the people!

I finally was able to ride decent and finished a respectable 6th place in Pro and with the level of riding from guys like Dub, Alex J, Jason P Im stoked on that! Progression is what I seek and these measurable moments are so valuable. Motivation. Lets get to work.

Special shout out to Shaun and Jeff Lapsley!

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