Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chris Day Jammer - Bicycle Source

On Saturday May 21st BMX legend Chris Day organised a BMX Flatland jam hosted by Bicycle Source Bike Shop in Anaheim. The weather was hot and sunny (orange county big surprise haha) and we had roughly 40 riders present and riding. The shop is ridiculous! My main man Danny Hubbard in a big part of the re-energised Bicycle Source and it shows! With bikes stretching from the very beginning of BMX to the current low toptube bikes and big bars of today, this shop is one of a kind! Along with a fun small to medium ramp configuration, the showroom has a fully mobile setup of industrial cabinets and hanging walls all on wheels for quick removal in case the cops show up!! haha just kidding :) The showroom was cleared for the flat jam and best trick, which went down around 630pm. The lighting and floor werent prefect but we made it work and Steven Dirty Hern's delicately handled backwards backpacker to xfoot hitch took the win. Ed Nussbaum was on hand and riding sooo good. Ed is one of my most favourite riders and people. I hope to see more of Ed this summer! Its rare that we (the LA flatland scene) can all get together and session. Chris Day and The Bicycle Source made that happen and for that Im stoked! Look for more jams at the Bicycle Source in the future! Boom!

Photobucket The showroom

Photobucket The Sean Mckinney! FF in the house

Photobucket Me in the best trick contest photo by Todd Carter!

Photobucket My first ever memory of BMX flatland when I was a little Bo was this guy, Martin Aparijo! (Im telling him that in this photo haha)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Video!

A few fun tricks from the camera of Ben Q at Studio City a few weeks ago. Boom!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Alex Jumelin and family visit California! plus Studio City sessions happening! Boom!

Alex Jumelin and his amazing family recently visited the US and made their way across the US to California for a night. Alex rolled in with family from Vegas and joined the Studio City session for about an hour before the darkness ended it for us. Alex is an amazing rider even straight out of the 5+ hour car ride from Vegas! It was a pleasure having Alex and family visit us.

Photos from the day:

All by Licia Marshall!



PhotobucketBobby Carter


PhotobucketBen and Jonathan





PhotobucketLittle Alex!


Check the video! Showing my french homies how to explode the pd haha.

For more photos from this day check out

Thanks for shooting Licia!