Wednesday, 27 October 2010

NEW BMX Freestyler production!

Boom! Rad Dad's latest creation. Stoked to be in this group of riders! Be sure and check out BMX FREESTYLER.COM
ps. I dont really sound like that haha

The Legendary Oltorf Garage from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Flatland! 40 Years of BMX! all on BMX day!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of BMX legends Mr. Scot Breithaupt, and he educated me on the upcoming and highly anticipated 40 YEARS OF BMX event on November 14th in Bellflower, California. There are tons of things going on all around this event and is sure to be one of the highlights for the BMX community this year. The buzz around this event is energizing but what does every bike event need? FLATLAND!!! I spoke to Lalo J on the subject last week and he's already on it. Lalo has stepped up and is organizing a FLATLAND contest at the 40 YEARS OF BMX event for the 14th. Props to you Lalo! FLATLAND needs more Lalos!

I also just read on Scot's facebook that Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster is proclaiming November 14th as BMX day! This is being presented to Scot on November 5th at along with lots of other exciting stuff over at the BMX History display. There is even mention of a showing/display of the movie RAD along with several old school OG pros!

Following that First Friday event on the 5th will be another prequel event on the 13th. (also a Friday) November is a busy time for BMX in Southern California! For more information and to stay connected to whats going on checkup on

See you guys there!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Long Beach Jam

I spoke to Jesse Puente today and he told me there would be an organized flatland comp at the Long Beach Jam next weekend at Houghton Skatepark. Its free to attend, not sure of the details on the comp but Jesse's running it so itll happen somehow. Come out and support BMX in southern California and see both flatland, ramp, and street guys shredding. I will definitely be there and you should be there too!

Date: 23 October 2010

Location: Houghton Skatepark 6301 Mrytle Ave. Long Beach, CA 90805

Check the flyer:


Friday, 15 October 2010

Matthias Dandois

So sick! Im a huge fan of Matthias Dandois! Odyssey is such a rad company, now go buy some Flatware parts! haha


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Pigeon John Music Video

It was a normal Saturday as I headed to the Rose Garden for practise time. Lalo Jimenez and Thanh rolled up and made it proper. About half way through the session Lalo tells me about this music video nearby that was in need of flatland tricks. So Lalo, Thanh, Dakine, and myself strolled up just past Washington Ave and located a compound covered in super sick tag art where this music video was to be shot. We were early so we hit up a legit rolling taco stand for dinner and then began a 4 hour session that finished up at 11pm! They had a few street guys doing 3s, whips, bars, halfcab tricks, etc and model girls just chillen in the background haha. (because thats how it really is at the flatland and street spots haha) The street guys were sick! and for part of the video we pedalled up with a group of other bike riders, one of which was BMX legend Scott Breithaupt! (founder and owner of SE Racing) So all in all it was a super fun night with lots of riding!

A few photos from myself and Lalo:

Talk to me about bombasstacos!


With Lalo, about to shredd!

my bike is not yellow!


Lalo Shredding

Sick yute, is that how you spell that funny Cam White word?

Sick whip!

with Mr. SE Racing

2nd shredd spot

Not shredding. haha!

I rode so much I felt like Pete Brandt! haha

New Seat

So I hate the "flatland" seat that is available, and I decided to try the Mikey Aitken model from Odyssey. Of course I had to trim some plastic to make room for my fingers and the nose was wayyy tooo long haha but overall the seat works pretty good for flatland! (and its way lighter than the flatland pivotal one)

Check the photos:

Trimmed a little of the plastic in the back

and cut the nose (sorry wolf! haha)

Slim and much thinner!

the wolf and I didnt get along so I used the flatland tape to make it black! (paint failed haha)

New bike check and photos

Click the photo: