Friday, 30 September 2011

A.R.T. BMX Magazine !!

So stoked to have 2 ads in the past few issues of A.R.T. BMX Magazine, as well as a 4 page interview in the newest issue #4! Be sure and ask for A.R.T. BMX Magazine at your local newsstand ... do you guys have newsstands? aha

Soulstyce BMX contest - Los Angeles

For 2011 the Soulstyce Hip-Hop event had both BMX dirt and flatland contests. Super exciting seeing Matthias D and Alex J come out from Paris France as well as Aaron F and John Y. I qualified 6th behind Frosty, which was ok after a tough week of not riding due to a sore back! ouch!

More controversy for BMX flatland judging in the United States on this one aha. Ill say (for the most part) I agreed with the qualifying results in both classes but in finals I have no idea what happened. No offence to anyone involved but in my opinion I had Matthias in front in both final and best trick without question and Todd Carter in 1st in the Am class. You definitely cant doubt the judges riding levels (Chad J, Ed N, and Bill F) but maybe the scoring system used was the error? All I know is I think I peed a little when Matthias hit the FULLCAB-HALFCAB NOSE WHEELIE-HALF CAB WHIP at the very end of best trick ahaha! So sick!!

Check the photos!

2 OGs

Ed and Frosty

Matthias and Alex

Todd C shredding

Sean Stack entered AM flat on my bike haha!

I was told finals score sheet was destroyed, but why?? hmm...

Fat's BMX Flat Calendar

Shot 2 different days with Fat just to get the prefect shot with my dog Dakine for his 2012 BMX Flatland Calendar. Below is a shot of Dakine as we were setting up, as well as a lifestyle shot Fat snapped as we were getting ready for the Calendar shot.

For more of Fat's magic photos check out:

Toyota Action!

Recently I had the opportunity to join Koit M, Blake H and Shawn W on a Hollywood set for the Toyota project. Check out the post at:

click here ->

Round 5 Am Flat Circuit Buffalo NY

A bit of a controversial weekend in Buffalo for the final round of the Am Flat series. For more information check out:

click here -> ESPN.GO.COM/BMX/JUDGE-DREAD...

as well as my interview:


Enough said check the photos!


Session aha

Break time :)

Break time! haha

An unhappy Prasheel aha


Todd Carter getting it done in the rain! no touches son!

Alex performing BMX magic

The essentials.

My travel team.

Home sweet home baby!