Thursday, 2 January 2014

Flatark BMX contest Kobe Japan

Good things come to those who wait and since Im the slowest blogger in existence Im sure you will enjoy my story about the one time I visited JAPAN for a BMX contest:)

From before BMX Ive had my eye on Japan. At age 8 I decided firmly that I wanted to become a Ninja and had seen the movie "American Ninja" so I knew anything was possible haha. This trip was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I can't thank enough Naoya, Hiroshi, Takuma, Ucchie, Alex, Matthias, and so many others who made this trip so amazing!

I visited Toyko and stayed with Takuma for a day. We had a fun session with Hiroshi next to the bike/skate park, visited Decade shop, walked all around like tourists, then drove 8 hours along with 2 van loads of other bmx dudes. (mostly Japanese:) I reunited with the homies Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois and we set up in a super nice apartment in Kobe while we prepared for the Flatark contest several days away. We moved to a ridiculously nice hotel next to the contest venue for the weekend, all of which was paid for by the contest:) As far as the contest goes I made several mistakes and that will never get me into a final in the pro class with the level so high. Im training this winter and will be back for Toronto 100% more prepared for epic battle! Huge shout out to Spaceark bike shop and BMX school. Its so inspiring to see whats going on there!

Enjoy a few photos from my trip to Japan! Peace and Love!

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