Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New Bike Parts! Flatware Twombolt 160 and 22 sprocket

I decided to switch from the Quamen crank to the Flatware Twombolt crank. I wanted a little bigger sprocket for a more powerful crank so I pedal less and can go faster! Plus the bigger sprocket looks so much more BMX! 22/9 doggie.



Just a quick video clip from today testing the crank, sprocket and Ocean Blue Flatware Tshirt haha I match my bike! Dakine posted up having my back as always:

Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Coco Zurita, senior pedro de chile

One of my very best friends, Coco Zurita riding Vert. Very nice style Pedro!

Coco Zurita 2009 from ISSUEZ INC on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cream BMX Magazine

Its rare that quality media publications exist in this day and age, but we are very lucky to have Cream so thank you Alain Massabova for all that you do! More US places should carry this magazine because they support all of BMX freestyle!

For more info on CREAM check into CREAMOFBMX.COM

I have a full page photo shot by Jerod Anklam in Lakanuki pub in Mammoth! Soooooo estoked!! From the desk of Bobby Carter:


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Jo Mo Pro


I attended the JoMoPro contest in Missouri recently and had an amazingly fun time! Paul killed it all weekend and it was cool to meet a few people in person for the first time. I placed 13th but I rode terrible so I was stoked with that, for now:) I want to ride very hard and start competing at as many contests as possible. I feel like contests will push me to ride harder and at this stage in my life thats what I want to do more than anything:) I intended to write a lengthy report but have since decided to just stay a few things. You cant blame the judges for judging with their own judgement haha but clearly they all were not qualified to be judging a pro flatland contest. That was the only con of Jomopro, all of the judges were not qualified. Also Im totally for open judging, its what we all do in our heads when we watch a contest ... is it not?


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Austin Texas

I am a little behind on reporting my flatland travels but after Jomopro I headed down to Austin, Texas to ride with the locals and hang out with a few old friends. It rained a lot but I rode the OG everynight with Adam, Jim, EZ Chris, John Yull, and David. All super nice guys and very amazing riders! Dakine and I stayed at Jims house so thanks to Jim for hooking us up with a super comfortable couch! I visited Empire BMX to say hello to my good friends Tina and Tom and also was able to catch up with my good friend Ommar who was my teammate when I first began doing demos and riding for GT.

My final night Rad Dad came straight from working all week (and being at jomopro the weekend prior) to the OG to ride and film a little. All of the rumours about this guy are true, hes all about flatland!! :) Read more at BMXfreestyler.com

with The Dad

Group shot

Jim made a edit:

So I have a great friend in Austin who Ive known for many many mannnyyyyy years:) Her name is Michelle and she shoots photos. She is a super talented photographer so I thought it would be cool to have her come shoot my last night at the OG. She had never really shot flatland before so as an experiment I gave her no direction and let her shoot it from her point of view. (instead of trying to get a certain shot... GET THE SHOT!! no haha) Anddd the pictures came out amazing! Here are a few:



Adam DiClaudio

Rad Dad


The OG!

For more of Michelle go to michellegarnerphotography.com

Monday, 3 May 2010

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland

Check this out, Viki rules!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sevisual Game of Skills Video

I was not able to go to this contest but it looked like a lot of fun!! Congrats to Alex and a shout out to CARHARTT for supporting flatland!!

Carhartt's Game of Skills - 2010 from sevisual on Vimeo.