Monday, 21 November 2011

One Love BMX Jam promo video

One Love BMX Jam promo video by Shayne Khajehnoori. #boom

One Love Jam Promo from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

For more info check out

Thursday, 20 October 2011

2012 Flatland Calender

Its a huge honour to be in this list of legendary bmx riders! And stoked Dakine is in there as well:D Thanks Fat!

Press Release:

Free 2012 Flatland BMX Calendar Presented by Jungle Rider Now Available at Flatland Fuel

For the fourth year in a row Flatland Fuel and Fat Tony are proud to present an exclusive Flatland BMX Calendar. The 12-month 2012 wall calendar features 15 original flatland photos of riders from eight countries shot all around the world. Each month showcases a different rider in a unique location including Japan, Finland, Germany, England, and the U.S. In addition to the twelve months, there is also a bonus poster so you can keep flatland on your wall even after 2012 has passed. As the only calendar of its kind, the 2012 Flatland BMX Calendar presented by Jungle Rider is a must-have for flatland riders worldwide.

Click the photo to check out a preview of the calendar !

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Changing my bike / discovering the back wheel :)

So after working on front wheel tricks for the past few months in an attempt to balance the front and back wheel I was sitting watching Matthias at Soulstyce do every front wheel trick I could think of pretty much in the same combo haha! I thought to myself why do I want to learn what others have so mastered so at that moment I decided to focus only on back wheel and street style tricks. There are enough front wheel guys killing it today plus I really admire the style of Ucchie, Yuki, and the recent edit fromTaiko in Tokyo ... wow!

So Im stoked to put a BMX style seat and post on my bike, lowered the front tire pressure and filed down the knurling on the front pegs. Also the lower front tire pressure makes bunny hop tricks so nice!

Friday, 30 September 2011

A.R.T. BMX Magazine !!

So stoked to have 2 ads in the past few issues of A.R.T. BMX Magazine, as well as a 4 page interview in the newest issue #4! Be sure and ask for A.R.T. BMX Magazine at your local newsstand ... do you guys have newsstands? aha

Soulstyce BMX contest - Los Angeles

For 2011 the Soulstyce Hip-Hop event had both BMX dirt and flatland contests. Super exciting seeing Matthias D and Alex J come out from Paris France as well as Aaron F and John Y. I qualified 6th behind Frosty, which was ok after a tough week of not riding due to a sore back! ouch!

More controversy for BMX flatland judging in the United States on this one aha. Ill say (for the most part) I agreed with the qualifying results in both classes but in finals I have no idea what happened. No offence to anyone involved but in my opinion I had Matthias in front in both final and best trick without question and Todd Carter in 1st in the Am class. You definitely cant doubt the judges riding levels (Chad J, Ed N, and Bill F) but maybe the scoring system used was the error? All I know is I think I peed a little when Matthias hit the FULLCAB-HALFCAB NOSE WHEELIE-HALF CAB WHIP at the very end of best trick ahaha! So sick!!

Check the photos!

2 OGs

Ed and Frosty

Matthias and Alex

Todd C shredding

Sean Stack entered AM flat on my bike haha!

I was told finals score sheet was destroyed, but why?? hmm...

Fat's BMX Flat Calendar

Shot 2 different days with Fat just to get the prefect shot with my dog Dakine for his 2012 BMX Flatland Calendar. Below is a shot of Dakine as we were setting up, as well as a lifestyle shot Fat snapped as we were getting ready for the Calendar shot.

For more of Fat's magic photos check out:

Toyota Action!

Recently I had the opportunity to join Koit M, Blake H and Shawn W on a Hollywood set for the Toyota project. Check out the post at:

click here ->

Round 5 Am Flat Circuit Buffalo NY

A bit of a controversial weekend in Buffalo for the final round of the Am Flat series. For more information check out:

click here -> ESPN.GO.COM/BMX/JUDGE-DREAD...

as well as my interview:


Enough said check the photos!


Session aha

Break time :)

Break time! haha

An unhappy Prasheel aha


Todd Carter getting it done in the rain! no touches son!

Alex performing BMX magic

The essentials.

My travel team.

Home sweet home baby!

Monday, 8 August 2011


So X-gaymes was just in LA and the one good thing is that brought a few visitors our way. My good mate Cam Pianta made the journey over from Australia to spend a few weeks, Adam Kun made the trip from Hungry to spend a week in LA with his top sponsor Monster and french photographer Christian Van Hanja was here doing work for A.R.T. magazine.

Check the photos:

Piano bringing me the good stuff

Mexican food with flatlanders

Adam and I


Aussie flat session in hotel room aha

I cant tell you how close that TV came to dying

Perv rollaid inside hotel room aha

One of Christians many photography gear bags

Does this look flat?

Filming at La Romeria park for A.R.T. !!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Catching up: Contest season

This year Ive been focusing more on raising my level for BMX Flat and have been attending contests around North America. Below are a few random photos from stops 2-4 in the Am Flatland Circuit. For more information go to ! Round 5 coming up next weekend in Buffalo, NY!!

Stop 2: Joplin, Missouri

Subway with Shayne

Dub practising outside the contest venue

The contest area

Pralex and Dane B.

Chillen with B. Carter and M. Dandois

At dinner!

Stop 3: Indianapolis, Indiana

Joe Miller and his Mrs

Joe Millers indoor ride spot

FJ action

Contest action, Prasheel fresh from a 1023849302 hour drive straight to the contest haha

Red Bull events are always so pro

The buffet

Rain for final :/

Post contest sessions :D

Stop 4: York, Pennsylvania

My travel team


Rolling deep


3 wheel motion

Funny Subway adventures haha

Post contest session at the famous Pit, Kevin Jones was riding until around 1:30am!

Not that it matters, but this is Kevin Jones' bike aha


Frank and Roy

My rental car was sweet

Plane crackers haha ;)