Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sick photos!

Bunny-hugging Canadian Trevor Oleniuk (@thegoldfi on twitter) sent me a couple really nice photos he shot at the Texas Toast contest in Austin, Texas back in October. A super fun weekend! Next big event for me is the One Love Jam January 19 Zuma Beach!


Chillen with the homie Jean Bulhon waiting our turn in pro practise

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

JFB Marina Jam VIDEO

JFB was in LA visiting for a few weeks and this was during the last week of his stay. Marina spot, represent.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Video by Jean Bulhon!!

So stoked! Several weeks ago my good friend Jean Bulhon ( came to visit LA from Clermont-Ferrand, France. We travelled to the Texas Toast contest in Austin and back for a few days of riding and chillin in sunny southern California. On his last session we shot a few combos for a quick edit and here it is! Stoked on how it came out, super thanks to Jean for both visiting and for the nice edit! (and of course thanks to Mitch Buchannon haha)

Bo Wade session in L.A from jean bulhon on Vimeo.

Monday, 12 November 2012

New Texas Toast Highlight Video from Jim McKay

Sick new Texas Toast highlight video from Mr Jim McKay, check it out:

Texas Toast 2012 Highs from jim mckay on Vimeo.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Texas Toast Final Run (Video)

I had a small problem with the dusty floor but was a super fun contest and was super stoked to be in the final! Check it:

Video by Joe Cicman I think? haha #amflt

Friday, 19 October 2012

Texas Toast (Video)

This past weekend I journeyed to Austin Texas to compete in the Texas Toast contest organized by the legendary Taj Mihelich. I finished 9th against a heavy duty worldwide pro class landing my first spot in a proper final for flatland. Im so motivated for contests next year!

Below are the first 2 short films released by Raddad and Jm Mckay. Jm you did an exceptional job as always! Thanks guys! More coming soon!

by:Jm Mckay

Texas Toast | flatland prejam at the OG from Global Flat on Vimeo.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Spot - Where is RL Osborn?

The past few sundays I have joined several other BMX friends at the legendary Redondo Pier spot. "The Spot" as it was referred to in BMX for over a decade was a practise area for many of the top pros in BMX during the mid to late 80s. We usually ride flatland at the spot for a few hours then pedal around and up to the Hermosa pier generally ending the night with a few pints. (for the adults of course haha)
Jason Pitschke is the real motivation behind this sunday funday bro-down and its a cool way to connect the different age groups of BMX in our community. The Spot is next to the brick floor near the entrance to the parking garage coming from Hermosa. See you guys Sunday around 530pm (Im talking to you RL:)

Tunney, Russell, Pitschke, and myself. Where in the doubleboomerang is Chris Day?

Photo: Brian Tunney

Friday, 10 August 2012

BMX Worlds in EUROPE with 2 Aussies

I credit at least 43% of the motivation for this trip to Steve Atkinson. He bugged me enough and did pretty much all of the travel arrangements so I basically could not say no to 10 days in Europe with 2 Aussies, the pair of Brooke Keam and Steve Atkinson.

Brooke and Steve originally set off from their native land of Australia several weeks before our team trip to Europe. They flew over and visited LA, Norcal, Vegas a few times and then embarked on a cross country drive in a fully loaded down deluxe model (they received an upgrade aha) rental car. Crazy Aussies. I opted for air travel but had a bad day flying standby so the closest to our meeting place (NYC) I could manage was Philly. I started at LAX at 4am PDT and landed in Philly at 1230pm EDT, then waited 2 hours for Aussies, then we drove another 2 back to NYC with another 2 hours because we were lost. Now thats how you start a trip son!

NYC to Paris to Desseldorf Germany, then a train to Koln for the BMX Worlds! Michael Steingraeber was an amazing host providing me and the Aussies a home base while in Germany. I cannot say thanks enough to Mike! and he even took me shopping for chocolate right away haha. I had so much fun riding with Dez, Michael Van Der Kroft, the Brazilian guys, and Alexis Desolneux at the LVR spot and hanging out with Adam K and Tom along with everyone else at the contest. The rain was so off and on I didnt ride so good but was enjoying the weekend with SO MANY BMX RIDERS EVERYWHERE ! Myself, Adam, Tom, Seppl, Alexis, and some others watched Pro Dirt Final go down and it was absolutely the most amazing bmx riding Ive ever seen. The homie BDosch rode so good and finished second!

The Pro flat final lineup was a little confusing but its a contest with judges and seeing over 50 pro riders has to be a tough job! Matthias destroyed lives and rode so good! Alex J and Dez both looked so good in final. Congrats to all, seems like next year maybe they will just do the entire contest under the bridge. Spent the last few nights chillen with Coco, saw Webbie, Anaps, RickyM, and a few others... so good!

We jumped on a train and for 74 Euro we travelled to Amsterdam (with return) connecting 3 trains. The Aussies booked lodging at a nearby hotel and I journeyed with Dez to his hometown of Haarlem, about 15-20 mins away via train. We hit up his indoor spot and its so so nice! The next day I was a tourist and walked all around Amsterdam with Dez, Van Der Kroft and their girlfriends. Such a sick place! Had a final session with the Brazilian guys, Dez, Michael, Dez brother, and Dez' mom even drive me to the train station! So nice!

Big shout out to Michael and his lady as well as Dez and his also. Mike S, the Aussies, and everyone else who was a part of my trip. Dakine and I are totally moving to Europe!