Saturday, 1 October 2011

Changing my bike / discovering the back wheel :)

So after working on front wheel tricks for the past few months in an attempt to balance the front and back wheel I was sitting watching Matthias at Soulstyce do every front wheel trick I could think of pretty much in the same combo haha! I thought to myself why do I want to learn what others have so mastered so at that moment I decided to focus only on back wheel and street style tricks. There are enough front wheel guys killing it today plus I really admire the style of Ucchie, Yuki, and the recent edit fromTaiko in Tokyo ... wow!

So Im stoked to put a BMX style seat and post on my bike, lowered the front tire pressure and filed down the knurling on the front pegs. Also the lower front tire pressure makes bunny hop tricks so nice!

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