Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Flatland! 40 Years of BMX! all on BMX day!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of BMX legends Mr. Scot Breithaupt, and he educated me on the upcoming and highly anticipated 40 YEARS OF BMX event on November 14th in Bellflower, California. There are tons of things going on all around this event and is sure to be one of the highlights for the BMX community this year. The buzz around this event is energizing but what does every bike event need? FLATLAND!!! I spoke to Lalo J on the subject last week and he's already on it. Lalo has stepped up and is organizing a FLATLAND contest at the 40 YEARS OF BMX event for the 14th. Props to you Lalo! FLATLAND needs more Lalos!

I also just read on Scot's facebook that Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster is proclaiming November 14th as BMX day! This is being presented to Scot on November 5th at http://firstfridayslongbeach.com along with lots of other exciting stuff over at the BMX History display. There is even mention of a showing/display of the movie RAD along with several old school OG pros!

Following that First Friday event on the 5th will be another prequel event on the 13th. (also a Friday) November is a busy time for BMX in Southern California! For more information and to stay connected to whats going on checkup on http://40yearsofbmx.com

See you guys there!

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