Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bike Days Switzerland

photo: Michael Steingraber
After several chill days in the city of Love with the homies we loaded up and made the six hour drive to Solothurn Switzerland. Bike Days is a massive bicycle festival and host to round one of the BMX flatland world circuit. With riders coming from all around the globe this would be the first heavy hitting contest of 2015. Its always such a treat to reconnect with friends throughout the year at such events and with the riding level so high its impossible not to take away motivation to push our own riding level higher. With several mistakes during my qualifying run I would not be participating in the final but both Alex and Matthias smashed it setting the stage for one of the highest level contests ever. One of the best aspects of BMX is the support we give to one another and the desire to see everyone ride their very best. Of course its a very competitive sport but there is something to be said for emerging victorious when everyone is on it. Viki Gomez won the final with Moto second and Matthias third but honestly any one of those guys could have walked away the winner and no one would have been bothered. The highlight of the final was Matthias last 'video trick' and for those of you seasoned BMX fans was a first ever cab-5 to manual to 360 perfectly clean! The entire building erupted but this was just outside of his allotted time so he was awarded no additional points giving Viki the win. At some point as a rider you don't care about the contest and want the trick for yourself and to push the progression of BMX flatland higher. Props to Matthias and Alex for always doing this  and motivating all of us to do the same. Another highlight of the contest for me was hanging out and sharing the contest floor with Hiro Morizaki. Hiro is an absolute beast on the bicycle and one of the coolest guys ever. Hiro struggled in qualifying but with tricks no one in the world can touch its just a matter of time before he smashes his way to the top of the podium.

Check the photos and be sure to follow Instagram.com/bowadebmx for additional photos!

Bike Days 2015 is a wrap and back to Paris we go in preparation for the FISE in Montpellier. The FISE is a whole other animal and something I look forward to each and every year. See you in the south of France this weekend!

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