Monday, 27 May 2013

My European Vacation #truelovetour 2013

The plan was to attend 2 contests in 2 countries in Europe while driving well over a total of 1200 miles in a rental van with 2 frenchies, a nice fellow from New Orleans, and a Austin videographer/rider. After a 17 hour travel day and a late night arrival into the location of the first contest, Solothurn Switzerland proved to be a fantastic experience but the jetlag definitely effected my riding performance so we partied to make up for it haha.

We then loaded up in the Mercedes rental van and made the trek to the suburb of Paris to visit Matthias family (so nice and hospitable) then on to Alex Jumelin fathers house for a proper homecooked French meal! Hung out with a few of Alex homies, visited the Different Character shop, and then back to Matthias family house for a birthday BBQ jam/party with all of Matthias homies. Super cool crew to ride and party with, Matthias mother, father, and sister are all so nice and welcoming. Offering so many new foods and drinks all day and night. Couldnt be any better!

Then back to Paris for a day of bike riding. First all around Paris as tourists then to the Opera spot for the flatland session. I love that spot! We went to a nice dinner and then to one of Matthias friends local bars for drinks.

The next day we were off to the south of France to a town called Montpellier. The FISE contest is one of the biggest action sports events in Europe and was unreal the amount of spectators and how loud they were at the bmx flatland qualifying and final! The town of Montpellier is so scenic and we had some of the best party nights here, big shout out to Matthias and Red Bull for making that happen.

One last stop through Annecy France for an amazing cheese, potato, and meat dinner. Also absolutely beautiful town filled with so much visual history. We all very much enjoyed this final stop and then we finished out the drive to Zurich almost 2 weeks later:)

Again big shout out to Alex Jumelin who really put this trip in motion and also to Matthias Dandois for being so rad and hospitable, also his family for having us also Alex's father for the meal. And so many others helped make this trip one of the best of my life! Thanks France and Switzerland, see you next year! #TrueLoveTour

Solothurn Switzerland / Bike Days contest

Paris, France / Tourist and BMX shit

Matthias Birthday BBQ Jam/Party

Paris again - Tourist shit and riding flat

Montpellier France FISE contest and parties haha

Annecy France and the trip to Zurich Switzerland

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