Tuesday, 10 November 2009


On November 1st I was having a flatland session (as I always do) with only Dakine at the Target parking garage in what I call my home area, the South Bay. Apparently I slammed directly to my face without any assistance from my hands and was knocked out. Once awake I phoned a friend to find out what I was even doing and then I began to call all of my local friends because I couldnt figure out where I was! I couldnt even recognize my home streets but somehow I had packed up my bag, bike, and dog and was driving around trying to locate Torrance Medical. As I was driving I kept forgetting what I was doing so all I remember is I kept "waking up" and would be driving down the street! Really scary!!

Thanks to Jeff for the navigation assistance haha and to CheiAnne for coming to get me. Not only do I not remember what trick I fell doing but I dont really remember most of the week after. I took 7 stitches in my eye, 4 inside of my mouth and all of my top left side teeth were loose. The cat-scan showed no long term damage and they said my teeth wouldnt all fall out, yay! This is definitely the hardest Ive ever fallen!

Before taking 7 in the eye brow. ouch.

Freshly stitched!

Taken about 5 mins after the previous photo, the eye was closed from swelling within the hour:(