Thursday, 3 September 2009

My Summer in Ottawa Canada


While out travelling and doing demos with the GT Air Show Team this summer, I visited Mgnmx and her family in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Dakine and I had the most fun while in the capital city, who would have thought they would have amazing mexican food there? :)

Welcome to Ottawa! haha

Hes pissed about the pink blanket ;)

Dakine made a new friend, her name is Bree.


I learned a great lesson about being a man (this was before I learned the lession haha)

"Pitbulls dont like other dogs" -ignorance

Need a machette? Canadian Tire baby

haha Barneys


I am Fire Dragon and I sometimes like to destroy all in my path when I bowl.

5 pin Canadian bowling!

This is normal apparently haha

Piano and I visited Montreal at the same time as Chase Gouin so we had a session at the Chinatown spot with Miguel and Mike. I wish I could have stayed longer than the day, these guys rule!

Chase putting in work as I wait my turn.

Notice Im drinking water because Im driving!

While Piano was in Ottawa with the Unit video camera we shot a couple 1 hour sessions and I made a quick edit on iMovie HD. Its my first edit so I wanted just to keep it simple and quick. Music is TJ Lavin, respect.
iPhone friendly version:)